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Iíve recently started working my way through the DS9 relaunch, about halfway through Abyss, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how big a part of the series the ascendants storyline is? Is it a minor subplot or is it the main arc that runs through the books? Im just a bit apprehensive about investing time in a story that may have no ending.
It's neither. The DS9 novels are like the series in that they had multiple story arcs developing side by side. What could be a minor thread in one episode/book could become central in another and then be secondary again in the one after that.

But what we got of the Ascendants arc in the novels was really more setup than anything else. It was a side element while other stuff was going on, or a secondary factor in that other stuff, building toward some future book where it came to the fore. Think of how the Dominion was handled in season 2 of the show. But we never actually got to the book(s) where the story became central. The main focus of the books we got was on other story arcs.
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