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Re: Anyone else watching Homeland S2 ?

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Seemed to just be a way to give the daughter a meatier storyline to me.
There is so much going on in the story we really don't need the daughter to do much of anything.
Ah, but remember that Brody's daughter was instrumental to how season one played out. Her attempts to reconnect with the father she never really knew and then finally prompted by Carrie to make that phonecall... it tied together.

Even if what Dana is currently doing is not important in the obvious plot sense of NOW DANA'S BOYFRIEND IS WORKING FOR HEZBOLLAH, what goes on in Brody's family can directly impact what's going on elsewhere.

Frankly the whole Brody = Jessica = Mike situation is potentially explosive. Mike knowing that Brody is unreliable, but unable to sell Jessica on it... all she'd need to know is proof that Brody is seeing Carrie again to no longer trust him, which could lead to Mike, which could lead to anything.

The emotional well-being of DC residents can change the total death count in the end. I'm not saying it's all connected, but on the other hand, is the series paying attention to what Brody's son is doing? He's a regular Bobby Draper over there. So yeah, an eye on Dana.
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