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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Planet of Giants (First Doctor).

Broadcast version: A fun story but strictly by the numbers not counting the miniaturized crew of the Tardis. Evil corporate bad guy, whiny scientist that goes along with the plan then has a change of heart. Unlike the pacing of many of the First Doctor serials, this one was pretty tight with only three episodes and it worked to the story's advantage since it was pretty thin already.

Four Episode Reconstruction: This was a cool idea but not well executed. While I understand that the footage originally cut from the serial no longer exists, the constant reuse of the same shots, closeups of the Doctor, Forester and Smithers, started to get annoying after awhile. The added material, in addition to slowing the pace, doesn't really add anything to the story except for giving us more information about the telephone operator and the policeman.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Third Doctor).

A good story that was well executed despite the limitations of the puppet dinosaurs. Captain Yates betrayal of UNIT was something I didn't see coming but I'm glad he was able to gain some redemption in Planet of the Spiders. Malcolm Hulke was definitely one of the Third Doctor's better writers and its too bad he didn't continue to write for the Fourth Doctor.
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