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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Eridani II, site of unsolved serial murders of women in the year 2156.
B is for Betazed. Home planet known for it's mind-reading irritating women.
C is for Cold. It's bitterly cold on Breen.
D is for Damar. Who likes it hot, damn hot.
E is for Enterprise. NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, D, E or NX-01.
F is for the next Enterprise.
G is for Garys. Mitchell and Seven. Two Garys with enormous powers, one good and the other twisted.
H is for hemoglobin. Spock's tasted bad to the vampire cloud.
I is for Independence. The Kriosians won theirs from the Klingon Empire in 2367.
J is for J.J. Abrams. Just to mess with the (2009) haters.
K is for Kang, Dahar Master and legendary Klingon warship commander of the 23rd and 24th centuries.
L is for Leah Brahms, the woman Geordi couldn't have.
M is for Married. James Kirk almost married Antonia in 2284 but didn't, regretting the decision for the rest of his life.
N is for nanotechnology.
O is for Orb of Time. Klingon agent Arne Darvin used it to travel back in time more than a century and attempt to murder Captain James T. Kirk.
P is for Picahd, Zhahn-Luke.
Q is for the Q Continuum.
R is for Redjac.
S is for Saratoga, a Miranda-class Federation starship aboard which Benjamin Sisko served at the time of the Battle of Wolf 359.
T is for T'Pau, who was a rebel in her youth.
U is for Undercover, which Gary Seven was during his role as an extraterrestrial agent on late 20th century Earth.
V is for Vulcan. Home of the five minute suntan.
W is for weight gain, what Scotty experienced in the movies.
X is for Xendi Sabu, site of a battle between the Federation starship Stargazer and a Ferengi vessel in the mid-2350s.
Y is for Yar, Tasha Yar. Who died on Vagra II.
Z is for Zorn, the Groppler and civic leader of the Bandi people of Deneb IV.
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