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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

Ezri: Oh, Worf--I was just going to--WHOA!

Worf: (sigh) Captain Picard said it was hardly noticeable....

O'Brien: There's only one--and stop asking me.

Garak: You're wrong...there are two....

Nog: Seriously, Garak--what are you trying to pull?

Garak: Oh nothing! Nothing at all.... Now--how many?

Kira: And will someone please explain why we don't just use night-vision goggles?

Right Bashir: Now...hold on. Is there not but one Washington...?

Left Bashir: Yes!

Right Bashir: And is there not but one...Lincoln?

Left Bashir: Yes!

Right Bashir: And is there not but one Dr. Julian Bashir?

Left Bashir: I'm Popeye--oh...bugger.

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