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Re: Why didnt Data create Lal v2.0?

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At the beginning of the episode he thought he had away around the technobabble issues that prevented people from making more Soong type androids. He tried the method, it didn't work. So until he finds another method around it, why would he try again knowing it won't work?
^This. The method he used was to use core dumps from his own matrix. I got the impression he was trying to use himself as a source for duplicating himself, a method no one had ever tried, & worth the try

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Data failed with Lal v1.0 when her positronic brain couldnt handle the stress that StarFleet may take her away from her father..
That's not exactly why she crashed. At least as the plot depicts it, she had already begun to exhibit aberrations... in using contractions, & then in feeling emotions. As she was an offshoot of Data's programming, that shouldn't have happened. The interference of Starfleet just added an influence which exacerbated the failure of an unstable matrix, which is why nobody in the episode ends up putting blame on the admiral. He didn't cause it. He just made it worse, faster.

So Data didn't succeed. It was an unexplained failure of an experimental technique, & presumably he was never able to reconcile the technique such that the same problem was no longer a threat

It's not just science but also healthcare. The 1st rule of healthcare is "Do No Harm" & to deliberately create a sentient life form which has every potential of not surviving is more harmful than it is good. Without solving the aberrations which led to the cascade failure issue, it's immoral to attempt it again. It's similar to the reason Picard doesn't want to make more holograms like Moriarty

It was back to the drawing board for Data, because ultimately there were problems with his technique. However, I do believe he should have tried again though, but not with this technique, unless it was rectified

The problem is, at some point in his Starfleet career, he should have decided to spearhead his own cybernetics endeavor, enlisting people like Bruce Maddox to work alongside him, or finding a way to get command over that branch of Starfleet sciences. It's evident he is as much an expert in it than anyone else in Starfleet. They should be working together

It's clear Data was not going to allow himself to become a guinea pig. So, Starfleet should have finally just trusted him to work on the project himself. I think there's trust issues there though, because Data is the one best asset in knowing what Soong did. There might always be the threat that someone might try to force him to be experimented on

So the result is he has to research it unilaterally
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