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Re: Ensigns of Command question..

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There's no "just stay" in this situation. This isn't like "Journey's End" where the DMZ colonists simply came under Cardassian rule and ended up being harassed and persecuted. The Tau Cygnans' only options were 1) evacuate and 2) die horrible flaming deaths. There would've been no one left to be "on their own." Perhaps hypothetically a few of them could've fled to the mountains and waged a guerrilla war Afghan-style, but I wouldn't think much of their long-term chances.
There most certainly is a "just stay" option. When I say just stay, I'm talking about staying and taking your chances that all will more than likely be killed by the Sheliak. I mean don't get me wrong, by staying they are committing themselves to being killed, which in this case I find stupid, but there were some that were willing to take their chances with the Sheliak.
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