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Re: TNG Caption This! 290: Security Concerns...

Picard: Number One, the entire ship is being flooded with anasthazine gas. Would you know anything about that?

Riker: No?

<Entire crew passes out; Data looks over shoulder at Science II station>

LaForge: All right, I've erased the body from the neck down.

Riker: Now take the body from Ro's service record.

Ro: No! Computer, paste the Crusher boy's body on this profile!

MacDuff: Nice! Computer, add feety pajamas and a gorch breakout!

Picard: Computer, update Starfleet service record authorization Picard alpha three. Add level one encrypted security protocol against any future adjustments or tampering.

Worf: What are you all doing?

Geordi <Closes screen>: All systems nominal, sir.

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