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I'm pretty sure I read the Thrawn trilogy, is that the one with the little weapon that destroys stars? I remember quite enjoying them, I gave up on the EU novesl fairly early though once I realised they were never, EVER, going to end...
No stupid superweapons in The Thrawn trilogy. Plenty of that shit in later books by different authors though.
Most of them in books by Kevin J. Anderson (i.e. the prototype Death Star, the Sun Crusher and the Darksaber). It's no surprise that his tenure in the EU isn't exactly remembered fondly.

The only other superweapons in the post-OT EU that I can think of are the World Devastators and the Galaxy Gun, which appeared in the terrible Dark Empire comic miniseries.

Oh wait, I forgot about Centerpoint Station, which appeared in the Corellian trilogy. But I never really counted that one because its primary role was in creating the Corellian star system, not being used as a weapon.
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