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Re: Why didnt Data create Lal v2.0?

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Maddox may be a jerk. But he became a supporter for Data. In "The Measure of a Man", Maddox may seem stupid defending his argument. Yet, later he was later referred as an expert on fixing Data in the episode "Contagion". Also, if you count non-canon content, Maddox is not as dumb as you think. He later becomes Chairman of Robotics at the Daystrom Institute of Technology. Who together with Barclay attempts to create a new type of android by combining holographics and positronic brain (aka holotronic brain). Finally, Maddox successfully argued in front of the Federation President and Judiciary Council proving B-4 was a sentient being and should not be disassembled. So, YES, Maddox can help Data with his support and resources. You can read these events at Memory Alpha and Beta. Just search for "Bruce Maddox".

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Admiral Haftel
How does that negate the possibility of Haftel helping Data if requested? As for yanking Lal's body, where at the end of “The Offspring” episode does Haftel demanded to take Lal's body AFTER he helped Data? You may wanna rewatch that episode – I did... twice. Haftel's last words were, “It just wasn't meant to be.”

I agree Haftel would jump to assist in developing another android with or without Data. But, I bet Haftel would assist Data if the request was made. And what better ally to have than an Admiral with guilt or sympathy..

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Reginald Barclay
See my above response to Bruce Maddox. Barclay did team up with Maddox to develop a holotronic brain. Based on that, I'm sure Barclay can help Data.

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Geordi LaForge
I don't understand what you're saying about Geordi. Are you saying Geordi could never duplicate a positronic brain? I doubt it. Give it time... Like in 2385, Geordi takes a “long-term leave of absence” from StarFleet to work with the Soong Foundation to study B-4. (See Geordi's entry in Memory Beta.)

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Again, it comes back down to the fundamental problem why Lal didn't work. Her hardware was faulty. Data found a new method at some robotics seminar that he thought might work. He tried it, it didn't. So unless a new method presents itself, why is he going to try again with a method that's proven not to work? None of the people you mentioned really are going to get around her hardware issues.
Well, the world, or universe, never stops spinning. Progress continues and who knows if someone, like Data or any one mentioned previously, comes up with a solution. Like a holotronic brain.

Too bad the original Data is dead. But, I like to believe he was resurrected as said in the “Star Trek: Countdown” comic book – prequel story that leads up to the Star Trek XI reboot story (aka, nuTrek).
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