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Re: Square Enix - Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy VI: The After Years. Make it happen, Square!
I'd welcome this, but it would only become a realistic prospect if there was sufficient interest. IIRC, FFIV was given two sequels (Interlude and TAY) because there was significant renewed interest in the game in Japan.

My perception is that FFVI is more popular internationally than it is domestically in Japan. Even though it's still rated highly in Japan and has broken sales records, it seemingly made more of an impact on Western audiences, perhaps due to the Nintendo boom.

It all depends on how many copes of the PSP/PS3 port of the game are selling along with how much interest SE is receiving from both domestic and international audiences.

If I had to put the FF series games in order, by which are most suitable for a sequel treatment (including those which have already recieved a sequel) it would look like this:

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy
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