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Re: Exit stage right

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I'm not as expert on the first couple seasons of TARDIS use. Was the console room a permanently standing set in those days?
Not at all. DW, until the modern series, did not have its own standing set. It always used a shared studio space, booked in advance. With the first two Doctors, especially, they had limited time to shoot an episode - one block of a few hours per week - and that included any rehearsing that needed to be done. As soon as they were done with their 4 hours or so, the set would be torn down and the materials placed in storage, as the net set was about to go up.

A few years ago, DWM had an interview with a designer on the original series, whose name I can't remember. In it, he was touring the standing sets, and lamenting that during the original series, they could never leave things up. Plus, they have more money to spend on sets today.
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