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Re: What happened to the Romulan Empire after Romulus was destroyed

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Assuming Romulans started with 10,000 colonists, what would their population be in 2000 years given modest 2% growth rate?
A generation being born every 30 years - in 2000 years, at 102% growth rate per generation, after 67 generations, their number would be 683400.

Bye bye romulans.

The scenarists' sense of scale isn't off only with regards to space, but sociology, as well.
Add a few centuries and every rag-tag band with a cool back-story is an empire.
Every conquered people can - and will - inevitably rise and free themselves, overthrowing their conqueror in due time (historic evidence indicating the opposite).

History is fluid - but not that fluid.
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A generation being born every 30 years - in 2000 years, at 102% growth rate per generation, after 67 generations, their number would be 683400.
Going beyond modest growth.

If Romulans arrived on Romulas 2000 years ago and produced another generation on average each 50 years, that would mean that 40 generations have passed since first arrival.

And if they gradually colonized/invaded other surrounding worlds.

If we started with 10,000 people, and each couple in each generation produced an average of 3 children who in turn reproduced, the population of the Empire could be up to 110 billion people.

That about 16 planets with current Earth population, or one planet (Romulas) with Earth population, and 1,000 planets with a hundred million population.

Four children per generation (50 years) gives you 10,995,116,277,000,000 people.

And if they had five children (like my parents did) per couple, that would give them enough people after 2,000 years to populate 1.8 million planets with a current Earth population.

Here's the population calculator I used (kind of cool).
No my friends. If you use maltusian equation, (althought it's not very accurate predicting long term growth, it will give you approximate idea of what you're dealing with), you get:

N=N(0)*e^growth rate*time
Over 2.3 sextillion Romulans.

Lets say tons of them died in wars and some didn't get to procreate etc, and we have only 2 sextillion in time of the movie.

If you divide that by 7 billion (population of today's Earth), you get
2e21/7e9= 285,714,285,714

285 + billion major population centers

Even if you forget about the equation, assume there is something wrong, that there were bottlenecks and slowdowns, you can't escape the very real possibility that there would be millions of earth sized plannets at the very least.

One reason why we see Starfleet not care about a particular colony (ie Alpha Ceti VI where Khan was left) is because there are so many colonies that they can't get to them or even keep track of all of them. If there are millions of colonies, and thousands of ships, one ship would cover hundreds or thousads of colonies and there would be no time to get to all of them on a regular basis. Once you colonize a planet, you have to be self seficient for a long time.

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