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Re: Unofficial art challenge for DS9! (SPOILERS FOR TP: RAISE THE DAW

It's funny- at first, I read this and thought, meh- I never really liked the station design for DS9. And that's fine- it was supposed to be alien anyway.

But then I couldn't stop thinking about the description. I thought how the hell would this work... Now I need to make it after throwing down some sketches.

And what I'm thinking is a radical departure from the single axis levels for the sphere. I'm thinking each deck is like a layer of an onion, encompasing the whole of the sphere to the core.

The 6 arms leading the rings each have levels that rotate to orientate themselves to the axis of the give ring.

And each ring can accomodate 8 galaxy class ships on the outside parimeter, and smaller ships and on the inside.

The more I think of it, the more I believe this can make a damned cool looking station! I'm excited about it. And it's different! Can't wait to get home!
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