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Re: The escape of Khan?

When the Okudas photoshopped a launch pic for the Chronology, they used this just-five-containers-out-of-sixteen configuration. The episode "Future's End" then showed that photograph on screen, and featured the five-container launch configuration as a desktop model:

This sort of defends such use in the video, too. One would also suppose neither the photograph nor the model actually depict Botany Bay, but rather a generic DY-100, meaning the launch configuration would not be unique to Khan's ship.

But yeah, I'd like to see other container configurations on screen, too. The older edition of the Chronology showed a 24-container configuration, but that was on a stretched model with three rather than two container rings, plus some strapped-on spherical containers as well... AFAIK, this model (or just a photomanip?) never appeared anywhere on screen.

Timo Saloniemi
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