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Re: VOTE today! And is the Federation a democracy?

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Well I would imagine that the Federation respects to governments of each planet as long as they adhere to certain "national" laws like equal rights to all citizens and ect.
Comes back to Ardana, a federation member, which pretty obviously doesn't have equal rights, and whose system was known about prior to the event of the episode in TOS.

... and they elect a president who is essentially a prime minister.
The federation council might elect someone from the existing council, who would then preside over council meetings. Strickly speaking there would be no separate "executive branch."

considering the Federation seems more like the UN than the US
In two different episodes, the federation is referred to as "an alliance," first by Kirk (TOS)and later by Daniels (ENT). The UN would be a better model than the US.

I would suspect there is not a popular vote for the President.
Not impossible, but cumbersome.

Especially if some member planet populations have no historical tradition of democracy.

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