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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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I want to include this, but can't connect any of it to the larger novel-verse. The only Graf books on the list so far are Rough Trails and Traitor Winds. Were there any crossover characters that Graf may have used in all of their books? Did they use the Rihannsu or Klinzai models for Romulan and Klingon culture? Something to link it all together?
I might have found a connection. I recently read some of the Captain's Table novels, and in Graf's War Dragons, I found two references I couldn't place. On page 80, Sulu mentions him and Chekov a) escaping volcanic eruptions and b) serving undercover on an Orion ship. I haven't read any other Graf books, but might these be references to Firestorm (which features a volcano) or Death Count (which features Orions)?
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