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Re: 70 years to the Alpha Quadrant?

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In Q Who it was stated the Enterprise had been sent 7,000 light years away from the edge of Federation Space. They also said it would take them two years and seven months to get back.

So... Voyager was much slower than the old Enterprise? It should have only taken 30 years.
Actually, it is said that the Enterprise was 7000 ly from where it was previously, not the edge of Fed space. The edge of Fed space could be closer than the original position.

As for Janeway, she would have had a much shorter trip if she'd headed for the Bojaran wormhole.
The map I've seen, shows a Direct path from The Caretaker to the Gamma Quadrant entrance of the Wormhole, may be a tiny bit shorter, maybe a couple years. However, that would entail crossing the spiral arms, through areas sparsely populated with Stars, which would mean fewer opportunities for resupply, etc. Plus, who knows what may happen to that wormhole in the 68 years it took to get there (if you were indeed able to save 2 years). If the wormhole wasn't available when they got there, they'd be twice as far away from home as when they started.
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