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So it's your job to turn RB's boring drab vision over to JJ's nightmare. Serving many masters and falling into line at the snap of JJ adam's whip?

Take this opportunity to reimagine/reboot/remake all of it's origins. Nix Shran as a crew member. He's a slimy backstabber (sounds like JJ.) and would be a dealbreaker for me. Smarten up the Klingons. Make the Vulcans less annoying and overshadowing. Change thqat god aweful ship, bridge, uniforms and make the aliens less familiar and Human and not treated with contempt. Give it some Human centric scope, distinction, protocol, and respect and character. The universe is a character as well. Brighten it up and make it more GR optomistic, uplifting and hopeful. Bakula was depressing, moross, rigid, abgry and bitter. I would recast him in my mind. T'pol too, who was an iceberg. Too bad they can't let you rename her T'Pau as it should have been. Give them some chemistry and humor and likability. The whole show was a dark and depressing dystopia. It seriously screwed up everything starting with Hoshi screaming at dead aliens and the crew laughing at there being life on Axanar,etc.. These are very inappropriate reactions for future people. Even real astronauts today wouldn't react that way. Braga got so far out that he became detached from reality and was directionless. Reconstruct and recreate the universe and bring a story to it about a greater galaxy wide threat to the entire universe's survival that unifies all the races in a joint effort to defeat a giant space chicken or something. Whoops. I let a story idea slip out. Sorry.
ENT was an incoherent mess that you're inheriting. I wouldn't try ti fix or repair it. Ever try nailing jello to a wall? Don't make it a news report either of seemingly unrelated events strung together in a strained way. Filtering out it's cartooniness will be impossible. Just erase it and start new afresh. and they had the nerve to call TOS corny and goofy.
And no he said/she said mind twist political debockles either.
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