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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

See, while all YOU mooks were reveling / reviling last night's election results, we Canucks were enjoying Arrow because we had to prove there was SOMETHING else on TV.

A good episode. Liking how the flashbacks continue to build the story of his missing time on the island. I *am* wondering why, isolated on an empty island in the middle of nowhere, ALL of the bad guys are wearing masks anyway? Are they afraid the rabbits will rat them out to the authorities?

I didn't know that Laurel's character has a comics history with Queen. Actually, I've been finsing the whole use of a relatively unknown superhero (well, I know he's a first-line good guy, but he hasn't had nearly the exposure as the Superman/Batman franchises have had) has been refreshing. Sorta like Batman, darker in some ways, but lighter in others.

Liked seeing Diggle kick ass too. He doesn't have an analog in the comics AFAIK, and I'm liking his story. Hopefully he'll keep on. He does provide a good contrast to Oliver "Even when I'm smiling I still look like I'm frowning" Queen in mannerisms and emotionality.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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