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Re: Wilderness - A Little Taster

Portside Docking Port, U.S.S. Juno
San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth
Stardate: 35003.9 (January 2nd, 2358)

Aewyhn’s heart was thundering in his chest. He was nervous and excited, joyous and terrified. It was the way he always felt when waiting to lay his eyes on his one and only love. It was ten days before the Juno was due to set off on her trailblazing mission, so the docking port was busy with new crewmembers reporting aboard to familiarise themselves with the ship before departure. He stood to the side, allowing the new arrivals entry and the station techs that were finished to leave. So many new faces, new names, new stories and new troubles for him to get to know and understand, but all that could wait an extra day or two; he had something far more important on his mind.

“Bridge to Aewyhn,” came the hoarse voice of Lieutenant Jorr.

“Yes Lieutenant?” he replied, never taking his eyes off those who were setting foot on the Juno for the first time.

“We’ve just had the latest service jackets transferred to our database. Personnel needs your authorisation for security confirmation.”

“Understood, I’ll be up shortly. Aewyhn out,” he closed the channel quickly knowing that Jorr would make some kind of remark. He had only known the Tellarite for a short time, but it was obvious that he was used to things being done to a stricter timetable.

With the Captain off the ship, and no First Officer in post, her duties had been divided up. Supervising the last of the refit work fell to Lieutenant Alden in Engineering, logistics and technical organisation were the responsibilities of Mr Jorr, whilst all personnel and administration matters were for Aewyhn to see too—just one of the benefits of being Second Officer. But at that moment in time, there was nothing that could have torn him away from where he stood.

Suddenly, everything went dark. There was a brief flash of confusion before the nerves in his face registered the soft palms covering his eyes, as he inhaled the light floral scent of soap, and the warmth of another body in very close proximity to his. A wide smile spread across his face as his heart threatened to pound its way out of his chest.

“Guess who,” a soft, familiar voice purred into his ear.

“That’s a toughy.”

“Have you forgotten me already?”

“Seems that way.”

Slowly, the hands moved away from his purple eyes, the fingertips gently following the contours of his face, along his jaw and down his neck, before resting on his shoulders. He turned away from the airlock and looked down onto the most beautiful face he had ever seen; soft features, straight nose, full lips and deep green eyes, all framed by an thick mane of thick, dark hair.

“Hey you,” he said softly.

Before he could say another word she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips. The sensation was so perfect that everything beyond their two bodies fell away to nothing, all the people the corridors, the noise, all of it was forgotten. He gripped her lithe body in his hands, afraid that the moment might vanish if he didn’t hold onto it, and kissed her back just as intensely. For him, things didn’t get any better than that.

When they finally parted, he couldn’t wipe the grin from his face and nor could she.

“Hey you,” Erin Matheson replied.

As reality started to fall back into place around him, he became aware that there were a few crewmembers casting glances at them, but he paid them little attention—how else was a husband supposed to greet his wife after months apart?

“How did you get by me?” he asked, more than a little puzzled how she’d pulled it off.

“I contacted the transporter room and asked to be beamed aboard, explaining to the very accommodating chief that I wanted to surprise someone onboard.”

“Well consider me surprised, and remind me to thank that chief.”

“Will do.”

He offered her the crook of his arm and she slid hers through it, holding his muscled limb firmly as they moved away from the docking bay. He led her through the corridors at a leisurely pace, enjoying her closeness and the knowledge that she was with him.

“I hope no one’s going to see this as anything bad,” she began, her voice low. “You arranging with the Captain to have me assigned here.”

“Back on the Tian An Men, when she told me of her reassignment and asked me to accompany her I had to say yes—this is just too great an opportunity to turn down—but she was the one that asked me about requesting your transfer. She must’ve remembered all the great things I’d said about you when thinking of a new Science Officer, so how could I say no?”

“I’d better report in then, thank her in person.”

“She’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Where’s she been?” Erin asked, sounding a little confused.

“I’m not quite sure. All she told me was that it was a personnel matter and she’d be gone a few days. But with Captain Rhyth, you give her the benefit of the doubt and she always comes through.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she stated then looked around the corridors. “So where are we heading anyway?”

“Deck seven, section three, room one-oh-eight, our new home,” he told her, stopping at a turbolift alcove. “After that, I’ll give you the full tour.”

She raised herself up onto tiptoes and whispered into his ear, “I hope the tour starts in the bedroom.”

He glanced at her for a moment, long enough to see her wink, but before he could reply the turbolift arrived and the doors opened. She stepped in ahead of him and smiled sweetly at him. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy his new assignment, he determined as he followed his wife into the turbolift and quickly ordered it to deck seven.

* * * * *

Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
8.01 - Darkest Before Dawn (Chapter 8 added, 12/09/2015)
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