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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

Zombie Cheerleader wrote: View Post
Without his beard, Ed Quinn looks like the love child of Scott Bakula and Harrison Ford.
That's kind of what I thought, too — especially "scruffier" Ford in Star Wars.

Forbin wrote: View Post
Forbin wrote: View Post
Somebody needs to make a compilation DVD of TV shows with sci fi con spoof episodes. And dammit, I'm trying to think of others besides the CSI one and the She-Wolf of London one. I know there were more!
Ah! Seems Bones had one too.
There was also an episode of the new Hawaii Five-0 involving a guy murdered at a sci fi convention, leading to a great scene where Steve and Danno talk to an attendee dressed as Captain Sisko, and make the mistake of addressing him as "Captain Kirk."

intrinsical wrote: View Post
Also, what's the reason Firefly was only mentioned as "that Joss Whedon show" when there were so many nods to Firefly in the episode?
They've made Firefly references before, but never use the series name. Two examples:

"They quickly settled on the slender island at the head of the bay, which they called 'Mannahatta', after an old Indian word thought by some to mean 'island of hills', and by others 'place of general inebriation'."
—New York: A Documentary Film
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