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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

at least that way, you get something for it, even if it takes a little while to convert it all.

Go earn another 10 EDC and rerun your conversion. Bet you'll have the same amount in the new system. The forum hasn't mapped it out enough to find the break points, but there are definitely categories where 1-10 = 1 amount, 11-20 = another amount, and so on. They've found spots where there's NO change from turning in, say 50 EDC or 100. Same exact value in new system. So once we feel out the limits better, you'll know what the most you should really keep is.

Real question, as always, is WHY. Why fuck over the players for no particular reason? Again. Don't want to flood the market, fine. But even if it's reduced returns, why isn't everything you turn in worth something? Worked to earn it, should have some value. Why is a Proto Tech worth a set piece now, but in the conversion, it's worth like a 10th of one? Aren't they the same thing?

I can at least see why they didn't want to publish this. It's not even a ratio, it's a flat-out Fuck You.
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