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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

Rotating or generally moveable consoles seem to be in use elsewhere in the ship as well; makes sense to have them be "wireless" and capable of being pushed aside if something really big is to be moved in or out. Of course, the doorway puts a limit on that, but perhaps the room has a ceiling utility hatch, such as is implied for the Stargate gateroom even if never quite shown? Or then at least is expected to serve as a temporary storage space for items beamed aboard but not yet beamed to their ultimate storage space.

I'd argue the "Dagger of the Mind" transporter is a separate entity not only by design, but also by virtue of being somewhere down in the engineering hull. After all, the only partially insane van Gelder seems to be making his way up from that facility towards the bridge, with Deck 14 along the route. Plus, this is a rare all-cargo transport operation, so possibly associated with a special room connected to cargo or supply holds. (Perhaps personnel transporters have the starscape for purely aesthetic reasons, covering a circuit board identical to this one, while cargo has no sense of aesthetics?)

I'm not sure if I want to believe in the symmetrical arrangement of four saucer rooms postulated by FJ, but at least a rotationally symmetrical arrangement of two saucer rooms (with the starboard room aft of the transverse corridor, the port one forward of it) would seem to be supported. And in any case, the idea of "the transporter room" indicating the existence of just one would seem to be insupportable...

Timo Saloniemi
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