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Re: Transporter, how's they work?

I only bring it up as you don't seem to get the difference between cells and atoms. I was assuming that, rather than a lack of basic scientific knowledge on your part, this was probably a translation thing. I expected English wasn't your first language, because, though quite understandable, it isn't quite "right."

The transporter allegedly (according to the TNG technical manual) works with two different modes, a cargo mode, where items are disassembled and reassembled at the molecular level and a live transporter mode, which disassembles a living creature, such as a person, at the quantum level. The difference being that the molecular, cargo mode transmits the data of whatever it's transporting in a compressed format (kind of analogous to .jpg format image in today's technology). This is the same format that items are stored as in the replicator files. A person must be transported at the quantum resolution level which allows all of the individual atoms and their positions and motions to be preserved, allowing the person to come out the other side in the same state they where in at the start of the process. Theoretically, this pattern could be stored and used to copy people, but the storage requirements are supposedly orders of magnitude beyond what the usual replicator file would be. And, I'm willing to bet such use of a transporter would be deemed highly illegal under Federation law, though presumably theoretically possible.

So, in either case, the cells themselves are being broken down by a process that would be impossible by today's understanding of actual science into energy at sub-atomic resolution and reintegrated on the other end.

Now there are plenty of episodes which make this explanation seem at least incomplete, if not totally wrong, but that's the official story from the creators of the show.

I hope that helps...

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