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Re: Did we know about the Borg sooner?

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^No. Seven knows because she was still in the collective when First Contact happened...
Yet the Borg in 2063 were out of contact with the collective, hence them trying (and failing) to convert the Enterprise's deflector into a transmitter. So there's no way Seven or the other Borg of the 24th century would know how First Contact played out. But they did - because the FC survoivors sent their dignal in "Regeneration"
Moments before the temporal vortex opens up over Earth...

Borg Queen: Launch sphere. Set course for 2063 and destroy the Phoenix, Earth's first warp ship, before the Enterprise follows us in

Every drone in the galaxy (including seven): Acknowledged...

Remember in VOY 'Relativity' 7 of 9 has knowledge of 2 different scenarios for the same time travel incursion. She states that the Borg traveled back to 2063 to stop Cochram from breaking the warp barrier, and to assimilate earth. She also states the Borg succeeded. Now we the audience and the crew of the ENT-E saw this when the Borg Sphere travelled through the temporal wake. We saw the Borg rewrite history in their own image. In this timeline the Borg traveled back 310 years and literally changed history in front of our eyes and the ENT-E crews eyes with respect to the 24th century.

HOWEVER 7 of 9 then follows up her admission of the Borg succeeding in their goal. With testimony to their subsequent failure to assimilate earth and stop Cochram due to the intervention of the ENT-E to restore history to as close as it could be to what the Federation has recorded.

I've posted this before so I'll say it again. How can 7 of 9 know about both of these events? It can't be a pogo paradox/casualty loop/ predestination paradox that the Borg would both succeed and fail in their goal. Because we saw it. The Borg succeeded in assimilating Earth. The ENT-E still existing to stop them was a stroke of luck because being a Federation starship it couldn't exist in a reality where the Fed never existed. The Borg trying to create a transmitter to contact the Borg is the Delta Quad. means they weren't successful in getting their situation of presence know to 21st century Borg.

This is a scenario where the writers on VOY made a mistake. The Borg couldn't have both succeeded and failed and yet somehow it all be a paradox that it happened. I suspect the VOY writers thought it would be clever to try and pass this off. Hence the time police guy's line to 7 of 9 that in a way the Fed owes it's existence to the Borg. No it doesn't. The Fed owes it's continued but varied existence to the ENT-E crew for restoring history. Just like the people TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY eras owe their continued but varied existence to Kirk and co. for bringing the whales from 20th century Earth to the future to stop the whale probe from destroying Earth.

The events of First Contact should technically push Enterprise in to an alternate reality. With the Borg Drones left over in the artic region of Earth and all. Make sense really, the events of FC creating an alternate timeline that is subtly different but close enough to the original timeline where the first contact with the Borg was 'Q Who' and not ENT's 'Regeneration'.
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