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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Ok, here is my (unfortunately incomplete) results of the conversion.

Character 1: 5 EDC -> 500 Omega Marks, 3 Borg Neural Processors

Character 2 (starting value unknown, but it wasn't that much more than character 1): 1000 OM, 5 BNP

Character 3 (starting value unknown, but it wasn't much less than character 4): 2500 OM, 11 BNP, 3000 Dilithium Ore

Character 4: 173 EDC, 5 Proto Techs, 4 Rare Techs, 10 Proto Salvage, 20 Rare Salvage -> 3000 OM, 13 BNP, 4000 Dilithium Ore

Now compare what a typical Elite STF run results in:

Before the Conversion: 2 EDC
After the Conversion: 60 OM + 1 BNP

That doesn't take into account the occasional EDC drops from mobs, the occasional rare or proto salvages from Optionals and boss loot and the rare tech drops from boss loot under the old system.

The cheapest item you can get under the old system is a retro set piece Borg item for 5 EDCs.
The most expensive item you can get is a veteran MACO/Omega set piece item for 40 EDC=1 rare tech piece

There is no EDC value attached to Elite gear but it's clearly worth more than 40 EDC. If there were it would most likely be at least 80 EDC.

So presumably 40 runs of Elite STF to get a Elite Set piece if there were an EDC value to it. -> 80 EDC = 1 Proto Tech

I still have to do some math to figure out by how much Cryptic screwed me out of buing value here, but I think it is considerable.

Edit: With those values and presumably 40 runs for a Elite Set piece I can compare it to 40 runs under the new system -> 2400 Omega Marks, 40 Borg Neural Processors = 1 Proto Tech
Which I clearly don't get from the conversion, converting proto tech is definitely not worth it.

Or I could turn 1 Proto Tech into 2000 Dilithium Ore under the old system or my entirey stuff into 77,856 Dilithium ore.

Tech drops don't seem to count for much if anything at all in the conversion

ok, those tech drops and salvages are the Bonus, maybe I shouldn't take tose into account at all and consider them a bonus similar to Borg Neural processors. let's say I get roughly 1 salvage/tech drop in 3 runs, that about fits my number of them compared to my EDC.

My 173 EDCs equal 86 ESTFs -> 5160 Omega Marks + 86 Borg Neural Processors

Edit: I took the dilithium out of the equation, because I already got dilithium for those runs and don't want to double dip with the conversion.
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