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Re: Making Sense of TOS Auxiliary Control

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"Well, "Life Support" is featured only very briefly in a couple of scenes and we only see a wall display and a control desk. So really, we don't know what they whole room looks like."
Given the budget limitations under which Matt Jefferies had to suffer (at least Bob Justman expressed a feeling of guilt) I think it's fair to assume that the most part of "Life Support" did look like the Auxilary Control Room set because it appears to be the same set.

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"In a related area of tech, "Environmental Engineering" is featured in Wink of an Eye and is a redress of that old stalwart, The Briefing Room. We see E.E. a lot in that episode. Perhaps "Life Support" is a monitoring room for E.E?"
If the "Life Sciences Botanical Section" is on main deck 8 as well as the Herbarium and "Life Support" (in the center) than there's this corridor encircling the area (where Janice brings Sulu his lunch from Turbolift 2 next to Turbolift 7). Looks like "Environmental Engineering" could be on the outside of this corridor. Did The Making of Star Trek indicate a particular deck for "Life Support"?

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