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Re: Voyager vs. Enterprise-D (extenuating circumstances)

Sandoval wrote: View Post
No offence meant but is there any point to these sorts of questions?

Any answer is so arbitrary as to be virtually worthless - which completely fictional starship would win a completely fictional encounter?

Toss a coin...
Makes for interesting discussion. A lot more interesting than "What's your favorite episode?"

You asked this question in the past: what do you think might happen if you were to beam a person through a transporter system at molecular-resolution as opposed to quantum-resolution?

would it kill them? or would they come out the other end but have lost their conciousness or self-awareness? would they merely be a copy and not the 'original article' in the way that star trek transporter systems appear to work?

This is nothing but speculation about a fictional transporter system in the Star Trek universe. So, why is it okay for you to ask this question, but not for me to ask about two starships battling?
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