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Re: My MicroHeroes

The crew of the U.S.S. Juno NCC-71030 in 2358:

Commanding Officer - Captain Linna Rhyth (Trill)
First Officer - Commander Saul Keller (Human)
Chief Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer - Lt. Commander Aewyhn (Enayan)
Chief Medical Officer - Lt. Commander Kovaal (Vulcan)
Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant Erin Matheson (Human)
Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Brek chim Jorr (Tellarite)
Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Oleyn Daro (Bolian)
Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant Gemma Alden (Human)
Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant JG Xal Ra-Vahlei (Efrosian)
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