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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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Again, the medical procedurewas done without Kurn's permission.
doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures ...
Oh, I never said it was a extremely dangerous procedure,

Is this an example of a strawman argument like you were referring to earlier?

Murder is killing someone in a illegal fashion Edit_XYZ . What Kurn was requesting was very obviously not murder in the Klingon culture, and it's not clear if it was considered murder in Bajorian territory.

And whether the victim wants to be killed or not doesn't change this in the least.
Should "the victim" be in a place where assisted suicide is legal, but they don't wish to commit suicide, then their personal wishes very much enter into it.

You weren't under the impression that it's OK to kill someone who wants to die, yes?
I live in Washington State, yes it is "okay" to assist someone in committing suicide here.

Feel free to verify what I've just said ...
I looked up the facts prior to my posting, feel free to do so yourself on occasion.

only the ability to walk and talk? Really?
Oh, I never said "only" walk and talk. Is this yet another example of a strawman argument on your part?

You know, it okay to actually read my posts Edit_XYZ.

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