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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Nice healthy amount of grain in that new footage. I like it. Looks just like S1. Certain shots in the S2 trailer on the S1 set were quite heavily DNR'd:

Much prefer the less grainy ones. Same thing I do to photos.
Wait till you see the actual screencap from the Blu-ray! That trailer was only 720p and its bitrate only peaked at around 5000 kilobits per second. The blu-ray will be 1080p and should be about 5 times that bitrate!

Many modern HDTVs have a digital noise reduction setting in the menu that you can turn on if you prefer. I think Blu-rays should preserve as much of the original high frequency detail as possible.
Agreed, Why rescan the original reels of film and clean them up only to apply DNR and loose all the fine detail and clarity. effectively making them look like the poor, video edited masters we've been watching for 25 years. Data looks god awful in the DNR cap.
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