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C-section with proper entry to avoid major arteries, no clamps, no transfusion in case she lost too much other words, unless she somehow forced a normal vaginal birth, she was doomed.

Even if she was back in the cell with Carol and the limited medical supplies, her chances were not good.
Oh, I agree there was little chance of survival for a woman prone to needing a c-section, but she died like almost immediately after the incision & not long after she'd had some kind of rupture which was revealed on Maggie's hand

It just seemed a little forced. Nobody even checked her pulse
people keep going on about that but I don't know how it makes any difference. They didn't wait for Dale to die either. She was bleeding to death, there was no way to save her at that point, why draw it out.
Dale was neck bit & conscious with everyone around him. If Lori was just unconscious it might have been possible to keep her alive, & bring her around long enough to have a final moment with Rick, if in fact she was actually beyond saving, which no one even checked

I'm not saying it ruined the episode or anything. It was just a little forced
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