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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

Thanks for the win LeadHead!

Ezri: Constable!
Odo: It's okay Dax, every humanoid does it when they're on their own, though next time I suggest more discretion lest someone else catches you with a hand down your trousers...

Nog: (whispering) Chief, Garak's in the midst of a murderous rampage! What do we do?
O'Brien: I know what to do! Say Garak, you wouldn't mind playing a game of Kotra?

Sisko: How many times is it now?
Kira: Seven I think, this is the seventh time she's blown up the science lab.
Sisko: As I keep warning you, Dax's can be impulsive.

Bashir to the left: (thinking) Oh fuddlesticks, I can't believe I got myself trapped behind this forcefield while the real Bashir escaped!

Worf: Sir do you hear that sound?
Sisko: I do.
Worf: It's sounds like thousands of Jem'Hadar are stomping their boots on the ground in time.
Sisko: They must have copied that from the orcs.
Worf: Orcs?
Sisko: In Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, before the orcs stormed Helms Deep, they made a right raucous trying to intimidate the Rohan defenders... Why, you're not scared are you Mr Worf?
Worf: No, no sir!
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