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Re: TNG HD coming to Syfy (UK)

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Is it anything to do with airdate order vs. production order? I agree it's confusing.
That's exactly it -- production order. The Blu-rays are in airdate order. This means new viewers might see Tasha die, then come back to life in the next episode with no explanation!
I wonder if Syfy are airing TNG-R that way because of some kind of agreement with CBS, or that it is what they think the fanboys want, or that they are doing it for shit and giggles?
Not sure what the motive is... but looking at their website, they seem to be aware of the correct episode order, yet they do seem to be headed toward showing "Skin of Evil" before "Symbiosis":

Schedule information isn't available for December 5th onward... maybe in another day or two.
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