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Re: ENT Caption Contest #84: Many Vanishing Returns

Good on ya, Jar Jar! I loved running this contest for a while before I ran out of time. It always took me a lot longer than it should have! Can I come back in? Good luck running it!

Trip: Little help?
Hoshi: Poco de ayuda?
Trip: I'm stuck.
Hoshi: Mimi kukwama.
Trip: Seriously, I think my spine is wrenched. Help me!
Hoshi: على محمل الجد، وأعتقد أن اللي عمودي الفقري. مساعدتي!
Trip: Stop translating!
Hoshi: Ĉesu tradukante!

Archer: Either Hoshi shares her stash or things are gonna start getting jakey around here. Either way.

Bob the Alien: Soon everyone on our home planet will know our names! We'll make headlines!
Larry the Alien: Tee hee, that one never gets old!

Are you talkin' to me?

Hoshi: I don't know! ALF?

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