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Re: Square Enix - Final Fantasy

I really, really don't want a remake of FF7, and I hope Squenix sticks to not making one. I liked FF7 once, and then all the sequels and spinoffs came out, and I really started to let my hate for the stupidity and inanity of most of them bleed over into the old game itself until I played it again with a fresh mind about a year ago and really had a lot of fun. I don't love it to bits like a lot of fans, but it was a very good experience overall, and I'd rather not see it pissed on by the inevitable retcons of all the compilation BS that would come with a remake.

If I trusted Squenix to do a remake like Capcom did for RE1 on the gamecube, I'd say go for it. It turned a bad joke of a game into something I could actually play, and the Lisa Trevor stuff was actually a good addition, I thought. But fact of the matter is that I don't. Not that Capcom is really in my good books now either (for other reasons) but you get the idea.

I just want them to try to create something new with a sense of wonder and the feel of a real journey with characters I can feel invested in. I haven't felt that way since Final Fantasy X, and the best in the series at that remain IV, VI, and Tactics. YMMV obviously. Honestly though, I don't think they're capable of THAT, either. FFXIII could've been that, but I just felt so...uninvested, uninspired by the whole experience, and I felt like the characters talked like characters instead of people. The one glowing exception was Snow, who I absolutely loved, but he wasn't enough to make the game not ultimately feel rather bland at the end of the day despite all the pretty graphics and dynamic battle poses.

I want a game with the HEART of what they used to do but with new technology to enhance it and expand it. But with Sakaguchi, Matsuno, and so many other talented people gone, I'm not sure this series is for me anymore.
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