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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Chosen Realm

I just donít understand how all of those people became so strategically positioned all around the ship, especially in a sensitive area like where the warp reactors are. Do Archer and Malcolm (I think heís in charge of security) not learn anything at all from their past experiences? There should have been limited areas that these people could go to (with security on standby) and thatís it.

They donít need to roam all over the ship to receive limited medical care and a few hot meals while repairs are made to their ship. I just canít believe that this is the 3rd year of the mission and security is still this bad. I mean, they started out taking major security precautions in this episode, and then what happened? Did the religious leader guy flash a smile and so they just stopped? Itís sad that people were hurt, and one even died, because of poor leadership. That, and they lost a lot of the data they worked so hard to get.

Grade: D minus

Proving Ground

Itís the blue people again. And itís nice to see that the Enterprise crew are trying and talking about taking precautions with them on their ship. It looks like T'Pol was right about the Andorians, but at least Shran didn't want to double cross them.

Grade: C
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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