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Re: The Morning After by truespock...

Let's make it ever simpler: Think of what I've written as my attempt at playing 'Devil's Advocate' in a manner that mightn't seem quite so confrontational. "Wouldn't it be interesting," I wondered aloud, "to see what these fictional characters might think about having their basic parameters so drastically altered by their own 'fans?" Ironic? Yes. Edgy? Possibly. Hate-filled? Absolutely not!

Perhaps those of you who are familiar with my postings on Trekspace will belatedly remember the pages and pages I devoted to the support of the intrinsic right of people to read / write / enjoy K / S slash as much as they liked?! In fact, that support was mainly directed at THE VERY SAME INDIVIDUAL who, I believe, later so abused that support.

Still feel like lynching me?!
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