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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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When I think of Season 3, "North Star" always seems to stand out, so I will say hat that is probably the top episode of the season. The other two are rather forgettable and don't really do much. So for Star I would rate it a C, with the others being F's.
Well, I agree with you about the C for North Star, and I could even see why you'd give Similitude an F, but Carpenter Street works for me as a one-off episode. IDK, it kind of reminds me of some of the X-Files episodes I've seen, gross bathroom pizza and all, so that was what I liked most about it.

I think the biological weapon was supposed to be a fail-safe for the weapon that was approved by the council, just in case the council failed, so it's not like the episode didn't do anything at all. Plus, they got some Xindi bodies for Phlox to study.

Sindatur wrote: View Post
On Firefly, as far as setting yourself up for disappointment, the Movie Serenity, actually ties it up pretty well, so, although, it would've been nice to see it play out in longer form, it does have a satisfactory ending.

I'm not as "In Love With it" as many are, but, it's definitely a good Series, and worth watching
Same here.

teacock wrote: View Post
I think we should do a Firefly watch/rewatch thread in the future.
I'm in. I watched it once, along with the movie, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

@Cthulurok - I forgot to say thank you for Leland Orser's name. I kept remembering him in a lab coat, wearing glasses, and I found that this is from The Bone Collector when I looked up his list of credits/pictures. Thanks.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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