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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Lori was internally bleeding. Maggie had to do an emergency caesarian section to save the child. This wasn't the first time that Lori had a difficult pregnancy. There was the scar of a formal c-section. One of the quotes I saw in the commentary episode was that the actress who played Lori believed that her character knew the pregnancy was a death sentence.

I have the question about the promo.

In the promo, there appeared to be a new type of walkers. These walkers were seen in a fence and in a close-up. They had a different skin color and appeared more aggressive than the normal walker. Is there anything in the comic about this type of walker?

Now, another question.

Walkers eat flesh. They don't eat flesh, they starve. They starve more slowly than the living. How do the walker bodies digest the meat?

As for the governor, I don't know how much of his past life he revealed was real. Even the photo was suspect. A person can photoshop themselves into a picture.

For myself, I believe that with greater numbers, and with adding more people to the mix, a group has a better chance of surviving. If a person proves a threat to the group, the group can punish the wrong-doer. This is why I am having trouble understanding why either Rick or the Governor are so bent on eliminating potential new members, than adding them. I think killing the soldiers was an idiotic move. The soldiers were trained in combat - far more than the civilians, and could have taught the civilians new skills and tactics. On the other hand, considering how poorly the soldiers performed when surprised by civilians, maybe killing these soldiers might have been a good idea. (Were these soldiers regular army or were they national guard? I can't remember)
I agree with you. That would make sense.

The problem is that the governor is more like a cult leader. He's recruiting people who've been isolated and are looking for security. A group that's made it on their own and bonded are too hard to bring under his control. A group that sticks together in his new society is a threat to his position as "savior."
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