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Re: The Morning After by truespock...

Life is full of things we "shouldn't have to" defend or explain. The very fact that your piece has been met with such reaction however, provides an ample opportunity for you to expound on your ideas and the origins of your conceptualization of this story. Why did you write it? What was its inspiration? What motivated your plot? Is there any motivation?

These are not attacks. These are questions.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so blunt with my disgust over your story. Perhaps I should. I don't know. All I know is I am genuinely trying to engage you in a legitimate discussion right now. I'm open to hearing your motivations in writing this piece, because as it stands I don't really think much of it. As the writer, I would think you would want to collect as many supporters of your work as possible, and part of that involves what i like to call "creative negotiation" - in simpler terms, convince me why I'm wrong to dislike your story.
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