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Re: The Morning After by truespock...

It is inconceivable to me how anyone could come to any kind of conclusion --in any sense of the word-- that characters such as Kirk, Spock, McCoy, et al would ever behave as they are portrayed in this story, or would be characterized as such hate-based individuals. The level of bigotry inherent in the piece is only exceeded by the fatuity of it.

Truespock, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not for writing the piece (however despicable it may be, never mind that it is anathema to the origin of and whole point of what Star Trek is supposed to be about) but ashamed because you are so utterly incapable of defending your words without resorting to petty insults and bickering. I would genuinely be interested in hearing your reasons for not only writing this piece but also why you think writing something like "Legitimately gay" is the kind of thing that shouldn't elicit the kind of controversy it has.

In short - what was going on in your head when you wrote this thing?
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