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Re: The Host and Continuity

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A strain of the Klingon Augment virus manages to infect a Trill colony. That's why some Trill hosts had ridges.
This sort of need to explain away stuff done by the makeup department just makes me shake my head...
Yeah, enough with the fanwanking.

Next we're going to be hearing about how the Enterprise was using a new weapons system based on the Cardassian Dreadnaught with torpedoes that are equipped with warp engines, phasers and other cool stuff, and they were using one in "Darmok". Unfortunately, when the phaser systems went offline, the only phaser emitter they had was on their experimental torpedo, which was unfortunately stuck in the torpedo tube because geordi had got the measurements wrong. Luckily they were able to fire the phaser beam from the spiffy torpedo out through the end of the torpedo launcher, and that's why we see phaser fire coming from the torpedo tube.

Geez, just let it go, people!!!
Amen brother.
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