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Re: The Host and Continuity

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As for a "balanced" joining, I don't really see signs of that in DS9. The slug just plain takes over and has fun with the host body.
I can't think of a single example of the symbiote completely dominating the host in DS9.

All of Dax's hosts have wildly varying personalities, which would seemingly preclude Dax being the sole pilot.
Dax does mention in one ep (I'd have to look it up - it's one of the earlier ones where she's helping to train an initiate) that the grueling nature of the training is an unpleasant necessity, to ensure that the symbiont's traits don't dominate the host's. She also mentions in the same episode that she still gets echoes and sensations associated with those of her former hosts, and not specifically with Jadzia. Those traits can surface in some ways even in the most ideal balance for a joined Trill, and presumably is just part of the experience.

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