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Is this some kind of statement about K/S fan fiction, which many are already well aware the OP is very firmly against?

Oh, and Fanboy above is right, Hikaru Sulu is not gay. George Takei is. And we all like him just as much as we did before we knew.

How very nice to see you, Colin! I'd heard you were here. Say, THIS place is even more combative, petty and snarky than! Thank god that we "all" have such a "safe and secure" Trek PUBLIC forum as yours (Star Trek Logs) to post on without getting our ass handed to us by petulant and infantile morons every time we open our mouth. Speaking of which, I assume Gojira is STILL a member in good standing at your little private resort?!

@ Everyone else: I have absolutely NOTHING against Sulu, Takei or gays in general. It simply amused me to plot out what might have been Kirk and Spock's reaction to K/S slash. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has taken this tack before, I am QUITE CERTAIN that you'll all cheerfully concede that my right to post here is equal to all of yours...until Colin gets me banned again, of course!
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