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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

I've been enjoying the show so far. To me, it owes more to "The Postman" than "The Hunger Games" or anything else. In fact, the kids they found this week reminded me more of the Cubs from "Logan's Run" than Katniss and her fellow combatants.

Compare Tom Neville, the milquetoast insurance adjuster, to "General Bethlehem" in "The Postman," who was a copier repairman. Two guys who used to be looked down on who now have become the very bully they used to hate. Thing is, Neville knows he is...and deep down he's afraid to face that fact.

What I want to know is, was Rachel having an affair with Miles, and could Danny in fact be Miles' son and not Ben's, and that's the real reason Miles changed his mind so quickly about accompanying Charlie, Aaron and company? Neville and the militia were pretty quick to take Danny prisoner...considering that Miles is an "enemy of the state" in the Monroe Republic, it would make sense why taking "Ben Matheson's son" hostage would be just as good, especially if it was known to Monroe's inner cronies that he's actually Miles' son.

I'm glad my theories were pretty much proven somewhat right that I'd posted elsewhere, that what knocked out the power was some kind of energy dampening field. Wherever it is, it's somewhere here in the Northeast if you watch the pattern of how the power went off. On the map in Monroe's office, there are a lot of red marks around northern New Jersey. You can see the map on Revolution's Facebook page.

Anyone want to make bet now that in the end, Miles will either be the first President of the Restored United States Of America...or it's first posthumous hero?
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