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Re: Was Star Trek 11 too similar to Star Wars?

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This thread is delightfully revealing of those who cannot fundamentally accept someone having an opinion contrary to theirs, so their must be something wrong with them worth insulting and demeaning.
You're absolutely right. I take back everything I said about the Wampa dying and I apologize to everyone who I insulted and demeaned who thought the Wampa would live.
Well yes, that of course, and this sort of thing:

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This is one of the usual flimsy excuses bandied about by the Trek XI haters to justify why they're completely incapable of liking the film for its own merits.
I love the "Statler" and "Waldorf" quality of this thread:

Crap! It was nothing like Star Wars!
Well, there were some Star Wars bits (Besides, JJ had no choice).
OK, it was pretty damned similar, but that's a good thing!

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