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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

You can re-imagine a series and stay within continuity. Buck Rogers underwent some reimagining in it's second season. It doesn't have to be a new start with a new cast. The term for that is a reboot. NuTrek branched off from TOS so its in continuity. Its "past" prior to the birth of James Kirk is the same as the one seen in TOS. TOS was reimagined between pilots and between the second pilot and the first episode filmed. Names were changed, characters added, sets altered and the concept fine tuned for the network.

Enterprise is a prequel. It contains a few retcons, but what Trek series doesn't.

Assuming that just because one piece of information in a book is true makes everything in that book true is incredibly naive, foolish and shortsighted. That Lord and Bridges were considered for the part of the Captain is a matter of records and aren't a Trek myth. The Trek myths are things like the Network didn't want a female XO or they were resistant to casting nonwhites.

The the opinions of a reviewer is not the same as NBC's. Show me a memo from NBC about how they'd love to have TAS in primetime or a new live action show, then you'll have something worth believing.
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