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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

ZR, I just don't do sports. I'm not saying it's a bad ep, just not one I particularly enjoyed. However I certainly get it that, especially if you are a baseball fan, this would be quite a fun episode. And yes I know people have down times during a war, it just wasn't interesting to me to watch episodes about it when there had been many many non-arc down time episodes in DS9 already. I was into the drive of the war arc and I wanted to stay there, not get taken out of it and especially not to any kind of holosuite whether it was Fontaine or baseball.

If someone does a Firefly watch thread PM me in case I don't see it in the SF forum, I'm pretty sure SW will be over running the place very soon. I've got the set so I can watch it any time, would love to read a first time watch thread. The best part about Firefly IMO was the setting and detail of it, the world itself. And naked Nathan Fillion wasn't bad either.

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